Pressing into crowds, there is still space upstairs, 2018 - 2019

Hong Kong 2019
Pilar Corrias
Wood, canvas, oil paint, mixed media
A first-generation Greek American and native New Yorker, Gerasimos Floratos’ paintings and sculptures play with the idea of site specificity and the notion of what it means to be rooted in a single place. His works employ psychofigurative bodies as mechanisms for charting space in many forms: psycho-geography of the globalized world, societies or microcosms built through commonalities of practice, and the internal space of the mind. For the artist, the slouchy alter egos present throughout his work operate as sites for exploring the relationship between the material and psychological bodies. The coded visual language present throughout his practice is partnered with a unique lexicon from which he draws titles for the works and exhibitions. 格拉西莫斯‧弗洛雷托斯 1986 年生於美國紐約市 現於美國紐約市生活及工作 尺寸不定 木材、 帆布、油畫、混合媒體 土生土長於紐約的藝術家格拉西莫斯‧弗洛雷托斯是第一代希臘裔美國人,其畫作以至雕塑作品均與場域特定的概念相結合,演繹了於某處「植根」的意念。採用心理具象的喻示手法,對空間作出多種詳細紀錄形式,包括全球化世界之中劃分的心理地域,透過實踐的共通性而建立起來的社會或微觀世界,以及發自心靈深處的紀錄。對於藝術家來說,他作品中一致地展現的扭曲自我,呈精神不振的狀態,就是作為探索物質和心理主體之間關係的場所。而從藝術家的創作風格中觀察到的視覺語言密碼,都會經由一套獨特的字詞語彙衍生出靈感,為他的作品以至展覽標題命名。