Where Are We Going?, 2017 - 2018

Hong Kong 2019
White wool, wire, string
In this site-specific work, boats from around the world and of all sizes figuratively sail across the space. Made of black metal hulls and white plasticized cotton, they seem as if they are pencil-drawn. They hang from the ceiling floating upwards as if departing from the bottom of the sea to create a sky of clouds. Shiota explains, ‘The boats may be seen from different angles, thus becoming invisible or visible, hollow or full, light or opaque. Floating upwards they share a common course to an unknown destination. The white color symbolizes purity and calm but also evokes blankness, the void. I see this piece as a metaphor: we cling to the idea of destiny to accept uncertainty; we ride the sea of time in search of a destination. Boats are the bearers of dreams and hope.’ 鹽田千春 1972 年生於日本大阪 現於德國柏林生活及工作 《我們要去哪裡?》(2017-2018) 尺寸不定 白色羊毛、金屬線、繩 《我們要去哪裡?》是日本藝術家鹽田千春創作的限時性裝置藝術,當中來自世界各地大大小小的船隻猶如在空間中航行而過。船隻用黑鐵和白色塑膠棉線造成,看似鉛筆畫的模樣,從天花板懸吊下來,像是從海底逆流而上,終於變成了天空中的一朵朵雲。如鹽田千春解釋道:「從不同角度觀賞這些船隻,它們有時有形,有時無形;有時空,有時滿;有時光亮,有時晦暗。所有船隻都順着同一方向,前往未知的目的地。象徵純潔與平靜的白色,在作品中也昭示着空白與虛空。對我而言,作品喻意為必須堅信命運以接受不確定性,如同我們坐上承載夢想與希望的船隻,渡過時間之海去尋找一個目的地。」