The Walls, 2018 - 2019

Hong Kong 2019
Handmade paper (varied pulp)
Pinaree Sanpitak revisits iconic motifs that reflect motherhood and the self. She is drawn to the nature and processes of papermaking, resulting in a work that features the delicate yet strong material in luminous depth and hue gradation. Suspended as a maze for visitors to meander through, The Walls is composed of 80 sheets of paper, handmade using a variety of pulp including mulberry, linen, and the tropical plant, diospyros mollis griff. The papers are of varied thickness and displayed at their simplest and finest, with their geometric designs suggesting metaphors of borders and territories. They are hung slightly above the ground to create a walkway maze for consideration and contemplation. 碧娜里•桑比塔 1961 年生於泰國曼谷 現於泰國曼谷生活及工作 尺寸不定 不同紙漿造成的手造紙 碧娜里.桑比塔從造紙過程與造紙工藝的本質得到啟發,運用柔中帶韌的紙張做出具有光的深度和色彩漸變的作品,藉此重新審視反映母性與自我的標誌性圖像。作品命名為《The Walls》,用上80張厚度不一的手造紙砌成一座蜿蜒的迷宮,讓觀者穿越而過。手造紙的紙漿取材自多種植物,包括桑椹、亞麻及熱帶柿樹科植物,以簡約與精緻並重的方式呈現眼前。從上而下懸垂至貼近地面的迷宮呈幾何形狀設計,寓意邊界和領土,創造出一個供觀者沉思細想的步行空間。