Untitled (Mekamelencolia — Velvet #5 DDRG18LM), 2018

Hong Kong 2019
Lehmann Maupin
Other Materials
Ink on silk velvet
145.0 x 207.5 x 10.5 Size (cm)
57.1 x 81.7 x 4.1 Size (in)
Born 1964 in Yeongju, South Korea Lives and works in Seoul, South Korea Lee Bul works across a range of media, from drawing, sculpture, and painting to performance, installation, and video. Mixed media works from her ‘Perdu’ series and a related ‘Untitled’ series expand her exploration of the human desire to transcend intellectual, physical, and spiritual limitations through technological innovation. She broadens this concept with retro-futuristic imagery rooted in biology through the incorporation of mother of pearl — a living organism — collaged with materials such as human hair, acrylic shards, crystals, and dried flowers. The resulting forms reveal the existing tension within utopian idealism, and the reality of its fragmentation and ruin; however, the unfinished state she alludes to in these pieces is a reference to the persistent human drive to find a sense of completeness. Lee Bul received a BFA in sculpture from Hongik University in Seoul, South Korea. Solo exhibitions of her work have been organized at museums worldwide. 李昢 1964 年出生於南韓榮州 現於南韓首爾生活及工作 李昢的創作媒介涵蓋繪畫、雕塑、 表演藝術、裝置藝術和錄像,她的 「Perdu」及「Untitled」系列的跨媒 介作品探討人類如何渴望透過科技創新 去超越智慧、肉體及精神的極限。藝術 家從生物學角度出發,利用珍珠母碎片 配合人體毛髮、壓克力碎塊、水晶及 乾花等材料,創作出復古未來風格的 畫面,展現出烏托邦理想主義的內在矛 盾,以及烏托邦在現實世界中的破碎崩 壞。作品呈未完成的狀態,暗喻人類對 完整性無止境的渴求。 李昢於南韓首爾的弘益大學主修雕塑 並取得藝術學士學位,世界各地的多 間博物館均曾經為她的作品舉行個人 主題展。