Untitled, 2007

Hong Kong 2019
Galerie Urs Meile
Oil on canvas
153.0 x 265.0 Size (cm)
60.2 x 104.3 Size (in)
Born 1940 in Zizhong, China Lives and works in Shenzhen and Beijing, China Modes of perception, ideas of space, landscape, or painting itself are not of concern to Qiu Shihua. A spiritual vocabulary better describes his work; as a viewer, it is best to let associations come and go, to give up reason and intention in favor of intuitive, acquiescent perception. The artist allows his audience many liberties, his motifs are merely proposals. His landscapes are archetypes and not copies of existing scenery. He states, ‘whatever anyone sees in the painting is in the painting’. The dimmed light and grey-toned walls allow the landscapes to stand out of the seemingly achromatic canvas. Just as thoughts appear and disappear during meditation, the landscapes flicker in and out of consciousness. Qiu Shihua graduated from the Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts. In the 1980s, after concluding his studies, he traveled through Europe. His monochromatic paintings, developed since the 1990s, have been shown worldwide. 邱世華 1940 年出生於中國資中 現於中國深圳和北京生活及工作 邱世華所關心的並非是常被引用的空 間、景觀的感知和概念或者繪畫本身。 觀者只能從精神世界裡發掘詞彙來形容 邱世華的藝術,任由思緒來來往往,拋 開理由、意願以及意圖,被動地憑直覺 去感知。藝術家給予觀者絕大自由度去 解讀他的作品,作品主題僅僅是一個建 議,筆下的景象只是舉例而並非複製現 實世界的某一道風景。邱世華指出, 「任何人在畫中看到的事物,都存在於 畫中」。昏暗的燈光和灰色調的牆壁, 使得景觀能夠從看似毫無色彩的帆布上 脫穎而出,就像思緒在冥想中出現和消 失一樣,畫作中的風景也在意識中時 閃時現。 邱世華畢業於西安美術學院,1980年 代完成學業後遊學歐洲,並於1990年 代開始創作其單色繪畫,如今世界各地 均有展出他的單色作品。