Untitled (Black Earth Series), 2016

Hong Kong 2019
Pace Gallery
Other Materials
Six fired earth clay tiles
86.4 x 130.8 Size (cm)
34.0 x 51.5 Size (in)
Born 1945 in Berkeley, US Lives and works in Berkeley, US Mary Corse’s ‘Black Earth’ series, which she began in 1978, uses earth as a grounding for the work itself. Corse begins with plaster molds of rock surfaces, which are transferred to clay, glazed, and placed into an updraft kiln custom-built to accommodate their large size. The resulting tiles have black mirror-like surfaces that are rippled with topographic peaks. These forms prompt the viewer to move around the piece to see the varied textures and changing reflections. Exhibited against the wall, these three works flip the natural orientation of rocks underfoot and thus play with traditional human perceptions of a landscape. Coupled with their reflectivity, the works expand beyond the visual to include subtleties of feeling and awareness. For over 50 years, Mary Corse has focused her practice on the properties of perception and light through painting, sculpture, and experimentation with non-traditional materials. 瑪麗.闊思 1945 年出生於美國柏克萊 現於美國柏克萊生活及工作 瑪麗.闊思自1978年開始創作的 《黑土》系列,一直以陶土素材為本。 藝術家首先把陶土填入有岩石紋理的石 膏模具,上釉後再放入一個特別為作品 訂造的大型升焰窯進行燒製,燒出來的 陶磚呈黑色鏡面,並帶有一個個猶如從 峰頂向外擴散的波紋,驅使觀者圍繞作 品從不同角度欣賞其質感與光線折射的 變化。在是次展覽中,寓意岩石的作品 被掛在牆上,讓觀者從全新角度觀看向 來置於腳下的岩石,玩味大自然法則。 藉着作品反映的光線,帶出超越視覺觀 感的微妙知覺。 瑪麗.闊思於半世紀以來,專注於透過 繪畫、雕塑及非傳統物料的實驗,探索 光的本質與感知。