Planes (Electric), 2019

Hong Kong 2019
Silverlens, TKG⁺
Oil on canvas, jute
Thickly layered and textured two-sided paintings emerge from Mit Jai Inn’s mutually meditative and physically rigorous practice. Highly visual, tactile and haptic, Planes (Electric) belongs to his ongoing series, ‘Planes’, which alludes to the measurable and the imperceptible; to painting’s physicality in dividing space and our place in it, and to the otherworldly dimensions of its making and where it takes us. Inspired by Hong Kong, Planes (Electric) channels the nature and context of the city and its marketplace. Both singularly and collectively, the colorful, rainbow-bright hanging wall works and undulating scrolls emit vibrations intended to playfully mimic the city’s ever-present light and movement of energy, people and things. Mit Jai Inn invites audiences to experience and engage with the spectacular planes of color in a sculptural field whose infinitely variable formats shift day by day. 彌載映 1960 年生於泰國清邁 現於泰國清邁生活及工作 《平面(熱烈)》( 2019) 尺寸不定 帆布油畫、黃麻 彌載映透過冥想加上反覆嚴謹的實踐,做出《平面(熱烈)》,層次豐厚而富於質感紋理的雙面畫,充滿視覺觀感和觸感。平面(熱烈)》屬於藝術家持續創作的「平面」系列作品之一,延伸了系列對有形和無形概念的玩味,引申到一幅畫作的存在如何將空間劃分,以及我們如何置身其中,同時探索繪畫過程中超越俗世的層次,將引領我們走向何方。平面(熱烈)》的靈感源自香港,旨在傳遞這城市的本質、境況及它的商業模式。懸掛在牆上的單幅或多幅組合而成的作品,像彩虹般色彩繽紛,並裝有捲軸以產生振動,以這趣味手法比喻香港川流不息的光影、活力與人潮。彌載映邀請觀者進入一個雕塑風格的展示場域,體驗一幕幕熱鬧的色彩平面,感受其每天展現的無窮變化。