In Extremis, 2018

Hong Kong 2019
Tang Contemporary Art
Brass, stainless steel, black iron, blue steel, asphalt
‘In Extremis’ was the title of Zhao Zhao’s solo exhibition at Tang Contemporary Art Beijing in 2018. The idea of the exhibition came to Zhao Zhao after he witnessed traces of a dead cat’s body spread over the road and flattened into the asphalt by passing vehicles outside his studio. This installation encourages visitors to form their own understanding of human perseverance and examines how various groups of people confront their own mortality, as well as whether mortality can be seen as a connection between memory and detachment. 趙趙 1982 年生於中國新疆 現於中國北京生活及工作 《彌留》(2018) 尺寸不定 黃銅、不銹鋼、黑鐵、藍鋼、瀝青 2018年,趙趙在北京當代唐人藝術中心的個人展覽名為「彌留」。展覽的概念來自藝術家前往工作室途中看到一隻貓被車撞死,留在路上的痕跡。這件裝置作品鼓勵觀者對於個體生命的存在和消逝作出思考,同時研究各種群體是如何消解他們面對死亡時所感受到的衝擊,以及生命之間的記憶與淡漠的聯繫。