Native Home, 2019

Hong Kong 2019
Acrylic and found vintage kitsch objects applied to steel
Native Home, 2019, continues Albert’s series of large-scale word-images that use text as a provocative device to examine the historical representation of Aboriginal people and culture. Drawing upon personal and collective histories that tell a story of the legacies of colonialism, Albert questions how we understand, imagine and construct difference. Certain political themes and visual motifs resurface across his oeuvre, including thematic representations of the ‘outsider’ and ‘Aboriginalia’, a term the artist coined to describe kitschy objects and images – ashtrays, tea towels, cross-stitch and other domestic and tourist artifacts that feature naive portrayals of Aboriginality. Albert’s technique and imagery are distinctly contemporary, displacing traditional Australian Aboriginal aesthetics with a kind of urban conceptuality. 托尼•艾伯特 1981 年生於澳洲湯斯維爾 現於澳洲布里斯班和悉尼生活及工作 《本地人的家》(2019) 120 x 929厘米 (尺寸不定) 鋼件上裝有壓克力及復刻的庸俗工藝品 《本地人的家》(2019)是托尼•艾伯特大型文字圖像系列的新作,透過挑釁性的文字審視歷史所描述的澳洲原住民和他們的文化。藝術家從一些圍繞殖民主義的個人和集體歷史,質疑我們如何對澳洲原住民作出理解、想像與構想差異。《本地人的家》(2019)承接藝術家所有作品共有的一些政治主題和映象,包括「局外人」的表現方式,以及藝術家形容為「原住民式」的事物,例如以原住民天真爛漫的形象作設計的煙灰缸、茶巾、十字繡等等俗氣的遊客紀念品。藝術家從表達技巧到畫面營造,都流露鮮明的當代藝術感,嘗試以城市概念的角度,重塑傳統的澳洲原住民美學。