At Twilight: W. B. Yeats, 2014 - 2016

Hong Kong 2019
The Modern Institute
Other Materials
Dimension variable Born 1967 in Epsom, UK Lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark At Twilight: A Play for Two Actors, Three Musicians, One Dancer, Eight Masks (and a Donkey Costume) encapsulates a discourse between tradition and the avant-garde in a dramatized tussle between history, mythology, and Modernism. Each mask or costume represents one of nine characters all interconnected by Starling through a play by W.B. Yeats, At The Hawk’s Well, written and performed in 1916. It looks at the circumstances of the play’s coming into being through a remarkable range of people living in London at a particular moment, artists whose experimentation took place against the unfolding horrors of war. In Starling’s At Twilight: Mind Map these characters are given figurative form on a blackened tree, a reference to the war’s blasted landscapes. Simon Starling won the Turner Prize in 2005. He was included in the 2003 and 2009 editions of the Venice Biennale and was shown as part of the Shanghai Biennale recently. 西蒙.斯塔林 1967 年出生於英國埃普索姆 現於丹麥哥本哈根生活及工作 西蒙.斯塔林的作品《暮色:一齣由兩 位演員、三位音樂家、一位舞蹈演員、 八個面具(及一套驢偶戲服)組成的戲 劇》,在傳統與前衛對話的情境下,展 開一場歷史、神話和現代主義之間戲劇 化的爭鬥。作品中的面具或服裝代表着 九個角色,透過劇作家葉慈的1916年劇 作《鷹井之畔》而互為關聯。他把某一 特定時刻生活在倫敦形形色色的人們, 視為劇作衍生的源頭,藉着藝術的實驗 對抗一種漸漸浮現、針對戰爭的恐懼情 緒。九個角色在斯塔林的另一作品《暮 色:思維導圖》之中現身於一棵黑樹 上,隱喻戰後滿目瘡痍的景象。 獲得2005透納獎的斯塔林,曾參與 2003年及2009年的威尼斯雙年展, 其作品最近亦曾於上海雙年展展出。