Hard Mix Master No.3, 2019

Hong Kong 2019
PKM Gallery
Mixed Media
UV ink, acrylic, mesh, canvas
130.1 x 162.1 Size (cm)
51.2 x 63.8 Size (in)
Born 1961 in Seoul, South Korea Lives and works in Seoul, South Korea and New York, US Cody Choi moved from South Korea to the US in the early 1980s. As an Asian now living in the West, he developed his practice focusing on what he calls ‘cultural indigestion’. His 90’s series ‘Pepto-Bismol’ draws this into metaphor with an East-meets-West mix of materials. Moving forward, Choi developed his ‘Database’ series, using collected ingredients from his young son’s computer drawings to compress the phenomenon of the new millennium and information flooding the Internet. His most current series, ‘Chesaekhwa’, defined by the artist as a ‘confusion via color’ gives rise to disturbing functions between the right and left brain through unusual color identification. Together, these series highlight Choi’s own ‘art history’ with selections representing each decade. As one of the representative Korean artists and theoreticians at home and abroad, Cody Choi has keenly explored cultural identity and the power structure of modern society since the mid-1980s. 崔玄周 1961 年出生於南韓首爾 現於南韓首爾和美國紐約生活及工作 崔玄周於1980年代從故鄉南韓移居美 國,作為生活於西方國家的亞洲人,他 構思出「文化消化不良」的創作概念, 其1990年代的「佩普消化鉍」系列正 是他利用東西方的混合素材繪製的文化 隱喻。其後藝術家將他兒子的電腦繪圖 重新設計成為「數據庫」系列,代表新 千禧年代現象和互聯網資訊泛濫。他最 近期的「Chesaekhwa」系列,詮釋了 他提出的「以顏色來製造困惑」定義, 說明運用不尋常的顏色認知識別,可以 令左右腦互相干擾。是次展出崔玄周過 去每一個十年的代表作,作為藝術家的 個人創作歷史紀錄。 崔玄周是南韓最具代表性的藝術家和理 論家之一,蜚聲南韓本土及國際藝壇, 自1980年中期開始主力探討現代社會 的文化身份認同及權力結構。