Half Devil Half Child, 2019

Hong Kong 2019
Yavuz Gallery
Oil on linen
180.0 x 240.0 Size (cm)
70.9 x 94.5 Size (in)
Born 1986 in Perth, Australia Lives and works in Sydney, Australia In The Waiting Room, a creature sits alone, waiting patiently. It is either the first to arrive or the last to leave; it is eager to participate despite being excluded. Simultaneously attractive and repulsive (borrowing features from the endangered Yunnan snub-nosed monkey) it stands as a manifestation of the ‘monstrous other’. The artist sees the creature as a selfportrait, frozen yet anticipating a journey. The paintings on the walls point to the vastness and difficulty of the obstacles ahead. These scenes of raging seas are both meditative and oppressive, placing the audience in the same liminal space as the creature; between the place it left, and the place it hopes to go. Abdul Abdullah’s practice addresses the contemporary experience of being an ‘other’ in a multicultural society. Through his explorations, he extrapolates an incisive examination of universal aspects of human nature. 1986 年出生於澳洲珀斯 現於澳洲悉尼生活及工作 《等候室》作品中的動物主角正在獨自 坐着,耐心等待。牠可能是第一個到 達,或最後一個離開;雖然被排斥在 外,但還是渴望參與其中。借用瀕臨 絕種的雲南金絲猴的特徵,牠同時具有 吸引和令人厭惡的矛盾特質,象徵「駭 人的異類」。這無以名狀的物體原來是 Abdul Abdullah的自我寫照,一個凝固 着卻期望能夠繼續演變下去的畫面。洶 湧的海洋代表前方重重艱巨的障礙,同 時透露出冥想和壓抑的意味,將觀者帶 入一個處於「牠」已離開和「牠」前往 的下個目的地之間的獨特境地。 Abdul Abdullah的當代創作實踐了置身 多元文化社會中的一個「他者」的經 歷,他的藝術探索