I am a fake but my heart is true, Part II, 2018

Hong Kong 2019
Chi-Wen Gallery
Four-channel Video Installations, Colour, Silence, 2’00” Each
5 + 1AP (#2/5)
Su Misu (b. 1990) currently lives and works in Taipei, Taiwan. This work is a criticism of the vast objectification of the human body in current society. The image shown is a futuristic doll-like mannequin represented by an actual human model, lying in despair on a pile of used cardboard boxes and other worn-out corrugated sheets. According to Su, the theme resembles the disposal after rapid image consumption in modern times. Because anything that exists fades eventually, Su poses a question about exploitation and abandonment of human appendants. Taiwanese photographer Su Misu is known for exploring gender, BDSM and LGBTQ+ topics. Coming from a medical background, she’s interested in the “Synthetic”, the “Unnatural”, and other embodiments, using photography to discuss the struggle between the real and the illusory. Her work draws from Lacan’s psychoanalytic concept of the mirror stage, which is where a subject becomes alienated from itself and is introduced into an imaginary order. Despite her young age, Su’s photographic work is one of the highlights of our presentation due to her unique approach and skill in style and composition. With signature pieces of her recent series “ihategoodbye" and "I am a fake, but my heart is true” on show, one can get a clear understanding of the trajectory of Su’s practice.