Ever Since We Crawled Out, 2018

Hong Kong 2019
Ben Brown Fine Arts, Sean Kelly, Sies + Höke
The film confronts the tumultuous relationship between humans and the rapid depletion of earth’s finite resources. Employing black-and-white found footage from film archives, Charrière addresses deforestation through a continuous montage of trees being felled, lingering on the climactic seconds before each tree succumbs to gravity. Once one tree starts falling, they all tumble like dominos. People only appear in a handful of shots, typically running as if to escape the consequences of their actions. After the trees fall, stray leaves float to the ground, an eerie silence only disturbed by the sound of wind rushing through the remaining trees. Title:《Ever Since We Crawled Out》 Artist: 朱利安•夏利耶 錄像探討人類之間的混亂關係以及我們星球迅速枯竭的有限資源。 Charrière利用舊錄像中發現的黑白影像,剪接出連續砍伐樹木的片段,並將鏡頭糾纏在樹木屈服於重力並墜落到地面之前的高潮時刻,對砍伐森林的問題表達關注。一旦一棵樹開始落下,它們就會像多米諾骨牌一樣翻滾倒下。錄像中人類只出現在少數鏡頭中,而通常是跑步的場景,害怕面對他們行為的現實。樹木倒下後,落單的樹葉漂浮到地上,一種令人毛骨悚然的沉默只會被風吹過的樹木殘枝所擾亂,預視著下一棵倒下的樹木。