Drill Man, 2016

Hong Kong 2019
Arario Gallery
Drill Man is an absurdist story about a man with a drill who traverses the city and countryside drilling everything that crosses his path. People, objects, and public property – nothing is safe from the whirring threat of his power tool. Though the man is silent, his drill speaks violent volumes. Ju takes the viewer on a journey that critiques modern technology and consumerism in an experimental filmic language. Title:《鑽的人》 Artist: 雎安奇 錄像作品講述了一個極為荒誕的故事:一個隨身攜帶電鑽的年輕人,穿梭在城市和鄉村,無論遇到任何東西,都會對其進行鑽孔。他手中強勢有力的工具,對人對物、對公共財產都帶來無盡威脅,周遭事物無一倖免。雖然主人公不言不語,但他的荒誕行徑,無不展現著雎安奇式的電影語言。影片中聲聲電鑽,直擊當下社會中科技、物質社會與消費主義所帶來的迷茫與衝突。