A Missing Policeman, 2016

Hong Kong 2019
Arario Gallery
It’s the summer of 1988 in Beijing. A group of young artists are at a dance party in a hutong when a policeman arrives, threatening their safety. Will the officer sentence them to the firing squad or life in prison? Or will the artists fight back? Ju’s deep concern about China’s suppression of the contemporary art scene becomes the focal point of the film. His satirical critique creates a dialogue between artists and the state, as embodied by the policeman, putting forth a powerful thesis about art, culture, and freedom in Chinese society. Title:《失蹤的員警》 Artist: 雎安奇 1988年夏天,一群年輕藝術家正在北京的一處胡同裡參加舞會,當時一名警察剛到達並威脅着他們的安全。警察會將他們判處行刑或終身監禁嗎?藝術家會反擊嗎?雎氏對中國鎮壓當代藝術界的深切關注成為錄像的焦點。錄像中藉着警察的出現,帶出雎氏的諷刺批評並創造了藝術家與國家之間的對話,從而提出了一個關於中國社會對待藝術、文化和自由的強而有力的論點。