La Grande Sortie, 2015

Hong Kong 2019
Lehmann Maupin
Alex Prager’s La Grande Sortie tells the story of a prima ballerina, played by the French dancer Émilie Cozette. Shot in the Ópera Bastille, the setting is the opening night of the dancer’s return to the stage after an unexplained hiatus. The ballerina’s fears manifest in a series of awkward dances, each accompanied by an antagonistic audience member (played by retired Paris Opera Ballet dancers and teachers) magically transported from their seats to the stage. Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich composed the film’s score, taking samples from Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring. The film embodies an anxiety that many people have around performance and success, culminating in a fantastical vanishing act. Title: 《勞動者》 Artist: 曹雨 一雙腿在螢幕中出現,然後在一堆雪白麵粉上站立。麵粉使得場景看起來像家庭主婦的工作。雙腳不斷地按壓和揉擠著麵粉。每隔一段時間,一點點淡黃色的液體就會從腿上流下來,幾乎不被注意。當腳繼續拍打麵粉時,它被攆搗成小球團。這一圖像看起來純淨,精緻,擁有一種視覺美感。當觀眾意識到藝術家正在使用自己的尿液製作麵團時,場景變得荒謬,行為變得無效。站立著小便的方式模糊了性別,這種視覺美感立即被一種混合著不安,懷疑和好奇的情緒所佔領。