Backdrop for Ghosts I, 2018

Basel 2019
Nils Stærk
Silkscreen ink on wooden panels
214.0 x 158.0 Size (cm)
84.3 x 62.2 Size (in)
Carlos Amorales explores the limits of language systems and uses graphic production as a tool to develop alternative linguistic structures that allow new forms of interpretation. Amorales has invented a form of abstract typography as a strategy to preserve contents that would be silenced if they were in legible form. This becomes evident in the series of three-dimensional paintings Backdrops for Ghosts I-VIII (2018) where silkscreen ink on wooden panels unveil a set of abstract forms that define the graphic quality of the painting. The work appears before us as an abstract set of forms, which gives it a performative element. However, when you look closer, an alphabet of more than 50 different signs unveils, and the work suddenly allow new poetic forms of interpretation.