teamcommercial, 2019

Basel 2019
Freedman Fitzpatrick
RGB LED Pharmacy cross display, video & audio loop 118cm x 820cm x 10cm
Deutschritterkapelle Rittergasse 29 Investigating the rapidly changing terms of creative labor in a hyperdrive milieu, Mathis Altmann’s practice taps into accelerationist urban culture, where working, living, and leisure blend seamlessly – and precariousness is rebranded into opportunity. Altmann’s new installation at the Deutschritterkapelle transforms the once sacred place into a space of labor. A former chapel, the location was converted into a three-story architecture office in the late 20th century. On each floor, Altmann has installed a single LED pharmacy-cross which has been programmed with a unique loop of moving images. The medical cross acts as a potent reference for considering strategies of remedy or escape from the cult of work. Fusing the three crosses is an audio installation, which forms a unified soundscape. The piece blends musical and pop-cultural identities that persist in Generation X slasher culture on the one hand and in millennial thinking on the other. In contrasting these cultural forces with a signifier of rescue, Altmann asks us to question the future of critical thinking. Presented with additional support of Truth and Consequences, Geneva