Post-Ruin (Pink), 2019

Basel 2019
Post-Ruin (Pink)

The Breeder

Foam and vinyl seating modules
Gatherings take many forms. People gather on the streets to demonstrate, inside public spaces or on internet threads, posting comments, replies, and objections. Change and revolution can be initiated outside of the structures that we recognize as dominant. Post-Ruin (Pink), a soft, queer, sitting protocol, has no design other than what its parts make possible. A user or group can reconfigure the modules any way they want. They can gather and discuss, take a nap or eat lunch. The module is multiplied into copies and variations of itself, like ‘a construction code language for a computer or other programmable device,’ as the artist describes it. A physical space is, after all, a programmable device that we adjust to our needs, and Post-Ruin (Pink) provides that maximum reconfigurability needed today in museums and art spaces. Post-Ruin stems from the ‘Demos’ series first produced for the Documenta 14 public program ‘The Parliament of Bodies,’ as well as Angelidakis’s early online architecture research.