OCPD, 2018

Basel 2019
kamel mennour, König Galerie, Metro Pictures
Patinated bronze 260 × 313 × 120 cm
Münsterplatz Camille Henrot’s latest series of bronze sculptures emphasize the delicate equilibrium between thing and object, focusing our attention on the seemingly precarious connections between the sculptures’ subtly figurative parts. In Every Goodbye, a sequence of question marks uses a linguistic sign to explore pre-linguistic experience. A similar strategy occurs in Inside Job, as two forms hold up a third that appears to be growing. With OCPD, a large nebulous form appears almost weightless, held up by fabric floating in the wind, and reaching upward to hold it with two gentle pokes. Henrot’s sculptural tableaux evince a process of separation, in which the viewer may begin to envisage the passage from symbiosis to individuality.