Cyberselva-Night, 2019

Basel 2019
Galerie Crèvecœur
Acrylic on printed canvas 100 × 200 × 2.5 cm
Naturhistorisches Museum Basel Augustinergasse 2 Combining geometry and sexuality, Ad Minoliti’s work serves as the starting point for different experimental installations that encompass art history, architecture, queer feminism, interior design, animalism, and speculative fiction. Geometry being the best tool to represent non-binary abstraction, her research inquires into the possibility of a non-human heterotopia, through the larger concept of painting intermingled with sundry elements including found images, videos and GIFs, clothes and carpets. Selvas attempts to reimagine landscape and nature as an alternative universe inhabited by geometrical entities. Here, the space is considered in relation to the science that essays to define what nature is for our society. The artist confronts science with the speculative fiction that engages with a different construction of nature and animals.