Matias Faldbakken

Sketch for Tile Drawing, 2019

Glossy tiles, paint, ca. 450 × 250 cm
Basel 2019

Sportplatz Rittergasse 5 For Parcours, Faldbakken has created two new works: The Tile Drawing is a development of his tile series, which Faldbakken has been working on since 2006. Instead of erasing or obscuring the motive as he has previously done, the artist uses a tiled wall area as a ground for a drawing, bringing a handmade motive to the forefront. His tile series has always conveyed an atmosphere of ‘governmental worry’ into the exhibition space; the tile works reference locations where authorities are usually paranoid about people’s smutty behavior: pools, public toilets, subways, underpasses, schools, and various dead spaces or off-spaces in a city. The Lacquered Brick Sculpture is a structure made by laying bricks, free hand, on the spot, corresponding to the surrounding area. The finished structure is painted in glossy paint and subsequently looks more ‘baroque’ (with its decorative shiny lacquer) than Faldbakken’s earlier, more conceptually restrained works, but the disavowal of easy dichotomies is nonetheless very present.

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