(IPN) Bar 1, 2018

Basel 2019
König Galerie
Cast steel Provenance: Société Lucet / Rocher, (unique) 14 × 6.25 × 153.5 cm
Wendelsdörferhof (Weisses Haus) Martinsgasse 3 Daniel Turner is an artist working primarily in sculpture. His practice involves a rather resolute manipulation of materials, objects, and environments that evolve into tactile or atmospheric forms. The resulting psychologically charged works are characterized by their response to a controlled set of processes. This approach has enabled Turner to base his forms not only on transformation but also on a literal transposition of material that preserves a sensorial link to geographical location, cultural associations, and human contact. For Parcours, Turner has identified, excavated, and recast a series of structural IPN beams from an institutional building’s foundations into two concentrated forms. These transmuted beams were sourced originally from a former factory in France which bore witness to a history of labor through invasive occupation. Presented with additional support of Galerie Allen, Paris