Fortune, 2019

Basel 2019
Balice Hertling, Andrew Kreps Gallery
Floor: 600 x 80 x 35 cm; wall: 300 x 185 cm Fortune Aristotle was born, worked, and died / this solid lesson / the king epigram / do what you’ll do until it’s done / and then one day / the day has come water always takes the lowest path / the all there is / the way it can / the quickest turn / the underground / the straight up line / the shape of time but when diverted, divided or defiled / it stays itself / and never dies a brand-new life / more days ahead / for frozen ones / the chosen stays who makes the wind, / this crisp cool air, / that clear blue sky? / can they exist / not on their own / not for themselves / or everyone? unvitiated, unlimited, invulnerable / when looking far, / and all around a brand-new life / more days ahead / on higher floors, / the chosen stays a fire burns, an adventure / the five colors / the temperatures / letting that go / and keeping this / this house is silent, intelligent and missed outside a crowd rushes and runs / but from ashes / great things get done a brand-new life / more days ahead / on new islands / the chosen stays