Botanical Box, 2009 - 2019

Basel 2019
Prints & Multiples
Silver gelatin prints; dimensions variable; edition of 2
Botanical Box, as it is referred in the title, compiles a number of pictures where the botanical element seems to be the subject. However, far from being a study of plants, Jochen Lempert composes a constellation of images that lead us to encounter other ideas. There are plants, but also animals, views of water, details of paintings, pictures taken in the city, objects, figures. Some of the pictures seem to be portraying the ephemeral and the immaterial, while others capture the most banal and fleeting moments or focus on almost unnoticeable details. Botanical Box is conceived as an installation composed of several silver gelatin prints, which are partly presented in a vitrine. Others hang on the wall, unframed, as typical for Lempert. This direct interaction with the work furthers its metaphors and correspondences. The work grants access to our immediate surroundings as aesthetic realms and as sites for scientific insight. Poetic, uncanny, conceptual, abstract, and figurative, Lempert’s work is the result of long reflection and a relentless capacity for experimentation.