Cosmic Generator (Loaded #3), 2017

Basel 2019
Hauser & Wirth
Sculpture and video installation; approx. 27’; dimensions variable; edition 6 of 6 + 1 artist’s variant
‘The thematic starting point for Mika Rottenberg’s work, Cosmic Generator, is a tunnel system that establishes a trading connection between various places and actors, among them the Mexican city of Mexicali and Calexico, the Californian town on the other side of the border fence. Rumor has it that the entrance to the system can be accessed via shops and restaurants in La Chinesca, Mexicali’s Chinatown. In her montage Rottenberg links footage from the local Golden Dragon Restaurant with a 99 Cents Store in Calexico and an enormous plastic commodities market in Yiwu, China. The Yiwu Market plays a pivotal role in this imaginary network peopled by a group of rather strange characters. With its artificial blaze of colors it seems like a gigantic staged performance in itself.’ – Excerpt from Andreas Prinzing’s text on Cosmic Generator at Skulptur Projekte Münster, where the work was first shown in 2017. Rottenberg has a solo show opening at the New Museum in New York in late June 2019, featuring a new work titled Spaghetti Blockchain.