Hub, 260-7 Sungbook-Dong, Sungbook-Ku, Seoul, Korea, 2017

Basel 2019
Lehmann Maupin, Victoria Miro
polyester fabric and stainless steel
314.0 x 1022.0 x 151.0 (cm)
123.6 x 402.4 x 59.4 (inch)
Throughout his career, Do Ho Suh has reflected on themes that evolve from his personal experiences and family history, growing up in South Korea, immigrating to the United States, and later to the United Kingdom. He has particularly focused on questions of home, physical space, displacement, memory, individuality, and collectivity. Much of Suh’s work examines conceptions of space and how the body relates to, inhabits, and interacts with that space. This can be one’s personal, physical space or the relationship between an individual and the collective; one’s private domestic space; and finally the influence of geography – and its specific culture – upon individuals. The idea of home is something that Suh comes back to time and again. He is particularly interested in the way ‘home’ can be articulated through architecture with a specific location, form, and history, and how it is also a psychological territory that holds memories, personal experience, and a sense of security regardless of geographic location.