Basel 2019
Galleria Continua
Other Materials
Aluminium tube, 25 x 25 mm, Phosphor H15, and plastic spigots; 386 x 857 x 928 cm
Object or experience? A hologram-like drawing appears in 10 minutes of darkness, followed by 40 seconds of intense light to reveal a space frame hovering between architecture and a drawing of architecture. Seven interconnected rooms of the same volume, but vastly different heights and lengths, rise from a mandala-like drawing on the floor. Here, the orthogonal structure of the built environment is compressed and extended, suggesting spaces within spaces that become a metaphor of the body and the site of its existence. The Cartesian determination of perspective, where the viewer is always in a privileged single point position, no longer applies. We are free to be inside or out of the frame. Ann Hindry, Curator of the Renault Art Collection, describes the experience as ‘being at the heart of a generous volume of air that seems to dilate like a big breathing body.’