Life and Death of an Algorithm, 2019

Basel 2019
21,590 coloured and ivory dice
164.0 x 121.0 x 4.0 (cm)
64.6 x 47.6 x 1.6 (inch)
Troika's dice pieces reference the historical use of dice as a means of determining fate, chance and luck. The roll of the dice relies on the laws of probability; their application to any external activity is a necessarily arbitrary connection, formulated by human action. In contrast, the fate of the modern man is increasingly determined by algorithms. A process or set of rules to be followed and implemented in problem-solving operations, the algorithm is autonomous, and can come to exist dependently from, and even influence everyday social activity. Life and Death of an Algorithm (2019) is an image constructed from tens of thousands of white dice which follows a pattern generated, line by line, by a simple computer binary program. Governed by its own laws, the algorithm follows a quasi-animistic trajectory that emulates the evolution of life: coming into existence, evolving and eventually culminating in death, as the pattern exhausts all potential paths