Reality is not always probable, 2019

Miami Beach 2019
Mixed Media
22,695 white dice - 10mm
164.6 x 126.2 x 4.0 (厘米)
64.8 x 49.7 x 1.6 (吋)
‘Reality is not always probable’ is constructed from tens of thousands of white dice and is generated, line by line, by manually emulating the rules of a simple computer binary program. Its title references a quote by Jorge Luis Borges and men’s disquiet towards a lack of controllable or predictable events and the belief that complete knowledge is impossible. The work originates from the artists interest in the human experience of digital production and the shift away from the material towards the virtual and the digital – towards a new everyday reality, in which the material and immaterial are increasingly interchangeable, compressed as if all of life could be reduced to 1s and 0s.