Tesis Metafísica II, 2019

Miami Beach 2019
Metal beams, boulder, volcanic rock, glass sphere, and wire
142.0 x 298.2 x 138.7 (厘米)
55.9 x 117.4 x 54.6 (吋)
Different to other artistic processes in which the material is changed or manipulated, Dávila’s work does not depend on modifying the material’s original state, but rather on its reorganization. In this way, the artist’s role is more that of a catalyzer, who facilitates the processes between already existent forces. The dialogues Dávila activates depend on a series of variables and objects: the space in which he works, the materials, the textures, the weights, and the way these weights interact with each other, along with the materials that bind them together.