Poemim, 1978

Miami Beach 2019
Prints & Multiples
silver gelation print
40.0 x 26.0 Size (cm)
15.7 x 10.2 Size (in)

As a part of the rediscovery of the oeuvre of Katalin Ladik, the presentation focuses on the central importance of the multidisciplinary approach of the artist’s early practice. While articulating a strong female position in the male-dominated Eastern Bloc, her art is based on the interaction of genres through an extended conception of the medium of poetry. Ladik’s early performances used a poetic text as their starting point and by using certain elements of pantomime and a broad spectrum of sounds, she presented multimedia rituals that were thematized around the fundamental values of art and life. Including works from the period between 1972 and 1985, showcased here are documentations of Ladik's live performances, photo-performances (i.e., performances made only for the camera), and works that amalgamate the genres of poetry and visual poetry with phonic performance, alongside early collages and musical scores.

Katalin Ladik (born 1942 in Novi Sad, Serbia) is a poet, visual artist, and actress. Her visual and sound poetry, performances, and body art are based on an intermedia reinterpretation of body and language, sound and visuality. A major aspect of her work is feminism: from her earliest performances she used her own body as a medium – creating multiple identities of different sexes and personae on stage. Ladik lives and works in Budapest.