Ideas of March III (iv), 2019

Miami Beach 2019
Prints & Multiples
21.0 x 35.5 (cm)
8.3 x 14.0 (inch)

‘The question I set myself was how to make the most straightforward prints out of what I habitually do, such as cutting, pressing and covering. Ordinary actions which in themselves feel already dense with implication. These prints were made deliberately to stand outside today’s context of overwhelming digital sophistication and technical possibility which holds little interest for me. Stravinsky called it "finding the cool place on the pillow." When the methods (a musician might say instrumentation) are so pared down, the lines, colors and shapes, reveal their mystery more freely. It is as if they become more compelling by not being interfered with. Color then speaks to color and shape to shape amongst themselves. It’s enough! It’s like looking instead for something foundational, timeless and lucid by attempting to uncover the etymology of a familiar word. Just as we inherit something from both parents, we nevertheless remain obdurately ourselves.’  
– Christopher Le Brun

Christopher Le Brun (born 1951 in Portsmouth, United Kingdom) is a painter, printmaker, and sculptor. He trained at the Slade and Chelsea Schools of Art, London. His work can be found in museums collections including the Tate, the Museum of Modern Art, the British Museum, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He was elected President of the Royal Academy in 2011. Le Brun lives and works in London.