Bio Tech, 2017

Miami Beach 2019
Stephen Friedman Gallery
Acrylic on canvas
200.0 x 200.0 (cm)
78.8 x 78.8 (inch)
‘Bio Tech’ (2017), by Luiz Zerbini, is a dynamic and kaleidoscopic painting that draws on visual references from the artist’s surroundings in Rio de Janeiro, as well as art history and pop culture. Recent works by Zerbini take inspiration from the iconic mosaic pavements and façades of modernist tower blocks in Brazilian cities, using the structure of the grid to investigate the relationship between colour, light and movement. Zerbini's application of colour in the painting is intricate and rich. Implementing a gridded structure, he utilises a prismatic range of colour to investigate texture and shape. From soft pastel hues to bold textured patterns, Zerbini explores the interplay between colour and form. Zerbini was once a member of the so-called ‘Generation 80’, a renowned group of young Brazilian artists who aimed to revolutionise and revitalise painting, transforming the ‘traditional’ medium into something that was relevant to modern Brazil. This gave birth to work that was fractured, layered and expressive. Zerbini includes abstract and figurative elements on their own and in combination in his paintings, developing a body of contemplative, abstracted works to which ‘Bio Tech’ belongs.