Sculpture Landscape - The Arch, 2018 - 2019

Miami Beach 2019
Stephen Friedman Gallery
Oil on canvas
37.1 x 50.2 (cm)
14.6 x 19.8 (inch)
For his 2019 solo exhibition at PEER, London, Juan Araujo has created a new series of paintings, works on paper and multimedia works that are based on photographs taken during his research visits to the Henry Moore Foundation in Perry Green, Hertfordshire and the Barbican Centre, London in early 2018. These two sources allowed the artist to explore how various expressions of modernist histories can be read through art and architecture, and the multiplicity of connections that arise as a result. In ‘Sculpture Landscape – The Arch’ Araujo depicts Henry Moore’s monumental sculpture ‘The Arch’ standing within the lush pastures of Perry Green. Araujo portrays Moore’s sculpture from a vantage point on the far side of a manicured lawn. The artist uses unpainted sections to contrast with the expressive brushwork and vividly rendered colours. Nestled in the landscape, Moore’s sculpture appears elegant, its patina shimmering in the sunlight. For Araujo this method of image gathering allows him to develop associations across a vast array of artistic and cultural production. Araujo creates works that propose potential connections spanning across various ideas, philosophies and styles in art. The artist invites us to consider new representations of art and challenges our perception of the original sculpture.