LIBeRtad [símbolo de anarquismo], from the series Paños, ENGLISH TRANSLATION: , Liberty [anarchy symbol], from the series Paños, 2017

Miami Beach 2019
Proyectos Monclova
Spray paint on cotton
Artwork size
109.0 x 90.0 x 7.0 (cm)
42.9 x 35.4 x 2.8 (inch)
In the present series "Paños" , dozens of cotton cloths were smudged by the spray paint residue resulting from removing politically motivated graffiti tags from various public spaces in Mexico City. Each cloth and its corresponding stain stand in lieu of a removed slogan that expresses a feeling of rage and protest. The ruinous act of cleaning of these messages transfigures these signs into pure abstraction – or simple random stains – while the original message is conserved in the individual title of each panel. Employing a deliberately clumsy methodology, this work seeks to register the memory of rabid furor in these texts, with the understanding that paradoxically, in order to do so, their readability is sacrificed. Whether in local, regional or global contexts, social unrest finds expression in public spaces, articulating clashes between political and economic ideologies that govern individuals and societies with social realities. In response, Tercerunquinto, have developed a series of works that explore civic expressions of disagreement: graffiti. By deconstructing the ephemeral and clandestine nature of street-based expressions of social unrest, Tercerunquinto look to underscore the poetic and aesthetic possibilities of graffiti expressions that they term an Archaeology of Rage.