reach..., 2018

Miami Beach 2019
Carolina Nitsch
Cast glass, synthetic, silk and dried flowers, jewelry in powder coated steel case
10 unique variants
50.8 x 76.0 x 10.5 (cm)
20.0 x 29.9 x 4.1 (inch)
Patterson’s sculpture of glass hands clutching and reaching for flowers reference a fragmented scene of beauty, burial and mourning. “For almost five years, I have been exploring the idea of gardens, both real and imagined, and their relationship to postcolonial spaces. I am interested in how gardens – natural but cultivated settings – operate with social demarcations. I investigate their relationship to beauty, dress, class, race, the body, land, and death. These new works create a garden that acknowledges bodies and sites, that uses pageantry and beauty to create presence in ‘gardens’ gone awry. We come to pause, to bear witness, and to acknowledge…”