House, 2016 - 2017

Miami Beach 2018
Stephen Friedman Gallery
Not available
Acrylic on canvas
173.0 x 261.5 (厘米)
68.1 x 103.0 (吋)
This painting by American artist Wayne Gonzales is inspired by road trips that Gonzales took around America in search of places photographed by Walker Evans, and contemporary equivalents in rural states. Gonzales has an impulse to document the ‘now’ and ‘House’ is based of an image of a house in rural America that Gonzales felt represented a moment in cultural history that was soon to change. This home could belong to anyone, in any era, and in this way typified many American ideals. Gonzales overlays images with a visual language associated with nostalgia that implies the past, but describes an experience that can only be had in the near future. The painting is a considered construction in which the original source material is extracted, cropped, broken down and reassembled on the canvas in a deliberately reduced palette. Gonzales uses a unique method of crosshatching, in varying tones of grey to reconstruct the source photo, creating a scene that is part documentary, part speculation and part imagination.