Basel 2018
Miami Beach 2018

A Gentil Carioca
Conceived in a melting pot in order to captivate and diffuse art’s diversity within Brazil and the world, A GENTIL CARIOCA was founded 15 years ago, on September 6th, 2003, by its directors, artists Márcio Botner, Laura Lima and Ernesto Neto. We believe each work of art is a cultural particle with enough potential to irradiate culture and education. In the same way history can be thought, forged, documented and changed. A Gentil Carioca is a place where artistic or political contexts can be revitalized in many ways. Our space, in the historical city center, is a place of concentration and broadcasting for different arts and thoughts. In recent years the gallery has been expanding physically but always with the aim to go beyond the functions of a conventional art gallery. It was with great pride and joy that on our 10th birthday we inaugurated the occupation of a 200m2 three story building across the street from our original headquarters.