Basel 2019
Galleries Parcours | 2.1 | L13

The Approach
The Approach was founded in 1997. One of the gallery’s original objectives was to offer solo exhibitions to London based artists at the start of their careers – several of whom have gone on to achieve international success. The programme has since expanded into a strongly international one, and The Approach continues to work with established artists, as well as exhibiting younger emerging artists. The Approach has consistently maintained a very strong focus and commitment to the curatorial aspects of all its exhibitions. In April 2006 The Approach opened a second gallery space (The Reliance) which focused on introducing a new programme in parallel with the existing gallery. The exhibitions included a number of emerging international artists, premiering in London for the first time. Following on from the completion of The Reliance programme (which ran from April 2006 – July 2007 archived on The Approach opened a second temporary space in Lon- don from 2007–2009 called The Approach W1. The gallery is currently based in its original East End location and continues to expand its programme alongside showcasing its existing stable of artists.