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David Kordansky Gallery
David Kordansky Gallery was established in 2003 with the desire both to discover and to engage with the diverse group of artists living and working in Los Angeles. One of the primary ideas quickly became utilizing the gallery not merely to showcase individual artists, but also to realize the dialogues, both implicit and explicit, between them. The gallery has quickly grown from primarily focusing on emerging art to an internationally recognized program featuring artists who have exhibited in acclaimed museums and galleries worldwide. The program increasingly includes artists from different generations, so that various historical lineages can enter into conversation with one another. Part of the gallery’s mission is to foster understanding of Los Angeles’ development as an important city for art since World War II. David Kordansky Gallery sees itself as an institution rooted in its hometown and in California, even as it embraces cultural activity in the 21st century as a fully global phenomenon. As such, it treats its participation in the major international art fairs as serious exhibition opportunities, often planning solo presentations and special programming. David Kordansky Gallery currently operates a 20,000 square foot facility in Mid-City Los Angeles. Opened in September 2014, this location encompasses two adjacent and equally sized gallery spaces, through which the gallery maintains an ambitious and expanding program of solo, group, and historical exhibitions. In 2020, the Gallery will expand its premises, renovating three structures and creating a central courtyard that will allow visitors to move between these spaces and its existing building. The new annex will feature over 6,500 square feet of exhibition and storage space, as well as a 3,000-square-foot outdoor space. Among the indoor spaces is a 2,000-square-foot gallery that, together with the current two exhibition spaces, makes it possible to mount three separate shows simultaneously.