Miami Beach 2018

Instituto de visión
Instituto de Visión was born in 2014 with the firm intention of creating a unique and referential space for research, promotion and the art market in Colombia. Starting from a previous program that changed the local scene, artists of a particular generation such as Carolina Caycedo, Pia Camil, Ana María Millán, Felipe Arturo, Nicolás Consuegra, among others, became apexes of contemporary Latin American discourse. The gallery works from a double platform: on the one hand, it represents a generation of artists that have been producing since 2000 and that has marked the rhythm of the rupture and internationalization of Colombian art, and on the other hand, it is committed to exploring the history of pre-conceptual and post-modern art in Colombia. Visionarios is a research program born from the need to understand the conceptual tradition in the region. It arises from the commitment to offer a transversal and original vision of the currents, themes and strategies that weave the content of an exciting and rich production of contradictions, tensions, meanings and proposals. For Institute of Vision it is fundamental to generate a network of knowledge and markets that accommodate the most conceptually, poetically and formally radical works and that contribute to the change of paradigm that has defined otherness, the exotic or the revolutionary in order to welcome an intriguing dimension of visual, conceptual and formal possibilities. *Named after the work Instituto de Visión (2008) by the artist Nicolás Consuegra.


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