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Galleria Franco Noero
On March 11th 1999 Galleria Franco Noero opens in Torino, in a space in Via Mazzini 39A devoted to contemporary art. A small, regular-sized space with white walls hosting exhibitions of young emerging artists. Galleria Franco Noero then moves its premises to Via Giolitti 52 in Turin on September 17th, 2003, in a 100-square-metre open-space. ‘New Space! Group Show!’ was the title of the group exhibition marking the opening of the new location of the gallery. In 2008, on March 24th, Galleria Franco Noero moves into Casa Scaccabarozzi, a well-known building and important project started in 1840 by Alessandro Antonelli, commonly known as the “Slice of Polenta”. The new gallery space was chosen for its unique architecture: seven floors above the ground and two underground, the façade on the main street is only 5 meters wide, while the opposite end gets to an extreme tiny width of 54 centimetres. Other two spaces named SiteSpecific and ProjectSpace were flanking the activity of the main building, hosting gallery artists’ special projects and long-term installations. By May 3rd 2013, Galleria Franco Noero has moved to its current address of Via Mottalciata 10/B, in the north side of Turin. The building is a former coachwork shop of the 1950s, with over 600 square metres of exhibition space, which has been renovated by architect Flavio Albanese. The building’s new design gets to the very difficult achievement of hosting with the same effectiveness both large-scale works and more intimate-sized exhibitions. In addition, ‘In - residence’ is the underground space where are hosted the programs of non-profit and independent organizations from Italy and abroad as well as long-term installations by the gallery’s artists. In June 2016, Galleria Franco Noero has opened a second exhibition space in Piazza Carignano, Turin, an 18th century apartment facing Palazzo Carignano, located in the heart of the city, with over 500 square meters of exhibition space.


Via Mottalciata
Piazza Carignano