Basel 2019
Galleries Unlimited | 2.1 | M6
Miami Beach 2018

Salon 94
Since its creation in 2002, Gallery Salon 94 has expanded from exhibiting a small group of artists projects in a non-traditional, domestic setting to the support and exhibition of a versatile and eclectic program of artists from around the world. The gallery has long shown both established and emerging artists working in sculpture, painting, fiber, installation, and video. During this time, Salon 94 has ushered artists such as Judy Chicago, Huma Bhabha, Sylvie Fleury, Laurie Simmons and Marilyn Minter towards becoming more established fixtures of contemporary art as well as introduced young artists such Ruby Neri and Takeshi Murata into the conversation The additions of Lyle Ashton Harris, Lisa Brice, Ibrahim El-Salahi and Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri to the gallery’s roster are significant of Salon 94’s desire to expose an audience to artists from countries outside of the United States, with diverse backgrounds. The continued support and juxtaposition of non-western artists with US-based artists reflect Salon 94’s desire to make human and cultural connections between disparate bodies of artwork, encouraging a more universal sense of access to not just curators and collectors, but to a general public.