Hong Kong 2019
Galleries Kabinett | Level 1 | 1D43
Miami Beach 2018

WENTRUP was founded in 2004. A former stable in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg was the gallery’s first home. Conceived by Jan Wentrup as a space that reacted to the young, diverse, and international art scene of Berlin, for many artists of the gallery’s early days it became their first commercial platform. Tina Wentrup joined in 2006 with her experience and expertise in contemporary theatre and dance from Paris and Berlin. Since then the gallery opened up toward more performative and non-object related art practices. Over time WENTRUP carefully broadened its portfolio, which includes artist of older generations who were influential precursors to current art practices while still producing work that is closely connected to the contemporary zeitgeist. WENTRUP’s portfolio now comprises 17 artistic positions that redefine and expand definitions of painting and sculpture, photography, film, and video and find solutions across genres that are both intellectually exciting and aesthetically appealing. Since 2009, the gallery has been located in a former couture factory building from the 1950s at the northwest end of Kreuzberg, in close proximity to Potsdamer Platz and Neue Nationalgalerie. In September 2016, the gallery opens a second space in Berlin on Potsdamer Strasse under the name WNTRP. In 2017, different artists represented by the gallery participate in the year's major art events, the documenta14 in Athens and Kassel, the Biennale in Venice and Skulptur Projekte in Münster. In spring 2019 Wentrup will relocate to a significantly larger new gallery space in Berlin's Charlottenburg district.


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