Hong Kong 2019

Hakgojae Gallery
Hakgojae first opened its doors in Seoul, a financial hub of Asia, in 1988. Since then, Hakgojae has been leading a rapidly growing Korean art market, as well as charting directions on how Korean art ought to be harmonised and developed within the contemporary global culture. In addition, Hakgojae expanded its presence and potential in the international art scene through the launch of 'Hakgojae Shanghai' in 2013 at the contemporary art district 50 Moganshan Road, Shanghai. Hakgojae Cheongdam will open its doors this October in Gangnam district in Seoul. The gallery's name derives from the saying, "to review the old to learn the new" in the Analects of Confucius but gaining knowledge of the past is not necessarily equivalent to studying of historical facts in this case. In fact, the process of learning the history of Korea is an excruciating self-reflection, a country where sentiments from colonialism and division of the country are still very much alive. Nonetheless, to be able to confidently reach out to readily participate in the global cultural flow despite its past struggles is the true philosophy behind the saying, "to review the old to learn the new." This is the very ideology and orientation that makes Hakgojae unique, which brings together the old and the new, and connects the region to the world. Hakgojae has been continuously showcasing works of precursors, who have reinterpreted traditional Korean philosophy and spirit through the language of modern art. Also, Hakgojae's diligent patronage of Korean Minjung art played a large part in attaining significant prestige in Korea. As well as, as part of implementing teachings of "to review the old to learn the new," Hakgojae introduced an array of dynamic works by internationally acclaimed artists in Korean and Chinese market.


Seoul, Space 1
+82 2 720 1524
Seoul, Space 2
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