Hong Kong 2018
Miami Beach 2018

NANZUKA was founded by Shinji Nanzuka in 2005 in Tokyo, in the previous name Nanzuka Underground (2005-2011). In 2013, the gallery opened a Hong Kong branch named AISHONANZUKA as the joint gallery with Aisho Miura Arts. The gallery is dedicated to rediscovering the artists who have been ignored among the Japanese fine art scene after The World War II, such as Keiichi TANAAMI (born in 1936), who is the the first artist to represents Japanese pop art since mid 1960s; Harumi Yamaguchi (born in 1936), a female artist, dedicated to advertising products in the 1970s and 1980s, who has depicted female figures using airbrush techniques, established herself as a Women's Liberation illustrator symbolizing the era; Hajime Sorayama (born in 1947) renowned for his "Sexy Robot" series that includes contexts belong to the post human body or the aesthetic of the human body. The gallery collaborates with many international galleries to support emerging Japanese artists in the international art scene, including Hiroki Tsukuda, Akiyoshi Mishima, Ryuichi Ohira, Makoto Taniguchi, Masato Mori or Haroshi. Similarly, the gallery works with selected international artists to represent contemporary art’s global scene. NANZUKA readily collaborates with other industries, including fashion, music, and design, among others, in order to expand the existing “art” context and break though the parameter of “fine art”.