Shugo Satani, the owner of ShugoArts, has been working on defining distinctive flows of Japanese and Asian art scenes since the 1980s after having become independent from Satani Gallery, a trailblazing gallery in Tokyo from the 1970s, which was operated by his father Kazuhiko Satani. Since its opening in Tokyo 2000, ShugoArts has been representing artists such as Masato Kobayashi and Shigeo Toya who seek their own ways of expression by redefining principles of painting and sculpture in Japan after Gutai and Mono-ha. The gallery is also eager to represent artists in their 30s such as Masaya Chiba and Lee Kit who have tried to expand the field of painting. ShugoArts has opened its new space in Roppongi fall 2016 and remains active on international platforms.


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