Hong Kong 2019

Soka Art
Soka Art established in 1992 in Taiwan by Hsiao Fuyuan, who is widely recognized as one of the most respected dealers in the Chinese art field. In 2001, Soka expanded its second space to Beijing and was the first overseas gallery opened in Beijing. Today, Soka owns three galleries in Beijing 798 Art District, Taipei, and Tainan with over 2,500 square meters space, holding an average of 25 high-level academic exhibitions every year. Soka is the first art institution in Taiwan to focus on contemporary art across East Asia. Artists represented are Hong Ling (b.1955-), Mao Xuhui (b.1956-), Zhao Meng (b.1966-), Zhang Yingnan (b.1981-), Mitsuhiro Ikeda (b.1979-) and Hsi Shih-Pin (b.1977-) with the total of 20 artists. Soka regularly publishes academic art books for represented artists. Among Soka artists, Hong Ling has been working with Soka over 20 years and it sets the record of the gallery and artist represented relationship in China. Meanwhile, Soka represents early 20th-century Chinese master artists estate, including Lin Fengmian, Huang Jiusi, Zhou Bichu, Dai Bingxin, Qin Xuanfu. Up to the present, Soka is the sole gallery in the world with the tremendous collection and systematically archives library of early 20th century Chinese master artists. Soka works with international curators such as Dr. Shane McCausland from the School of Oriental and African Studies London; Lee Daehyung, chief curator of the Korean Pavilion at the Venice Biennale in 2017 and more. Meanwhile, Soka supports non-profit art institution and museums greatly such as Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei Kuandu Art Museum, Asian Cultural Council, National Art Museum of China, UCCA Beijing, etc and sponsors academic symposium generously. Soka regards itself as a pluralistic art platform and aims to continuously generate new curatorial ideas and academic insights into the open art world.